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Richard F. Doerr: Case Successes


Mr. Doerr successfully represented a landlord in an eviction matter. Mr. Doerr's client had a contract where the tenant was renting with option to buy. When the housing market crashed the tenant quit paying on the contract and refused to leave the residence. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of the landlord/owner. The tenants were evicted and held liable for $10,000.00 in damages to the property and back payments.

Family Law

In a post judgment divorce case, Mr. Doerr prevented his client's ex-wife from increasing the amount of money his client would have to pay in spousal support. Mr. Doerr also prevented his client's ex-wife from extending the number of years she would receive maintenance. Mr. Doerr investigated the matter and pointed out that she had not sold or refinanced the marital residence as provided in the judgment. The ex-wife's motions were denied, her maintenance terminated and the ex-wife was ordered to sell the house or pay the ex-husband his share of the equity in the home.

Criminal Defense

A client with several felony and misdemeanor charges wanted to clean up his record. Several of the cases had been dismissed, but he had one felony, which could not be expunged. All the cases were 12-15 years old. Mr. Doerr filed a Petition to Seal one felony, which had been dismissed as a “trial balloon”. The County State’s Attorney objected, mainly on the client’s record and the type of charges. At the hearing on the state’s objection, the client testified about his circumstances fifteen years ago, his current circumstances, and lack of subsequent criminal record. Over the state’s objection, the court granted the sealing of client’s felony arrest. Due to Mr. Doerr’s successful sealing, the client is well on his way to having his criminal background cleared up.

Mr. Doerr's years of criminal defense experience was critical in helping a client who was charged with his second DUI. Mr. Doerr was able to keep his client from getting a DUI conviction (even though this was a second offense DUI). Mr. Doerr was successful in 1) getting the second DUI charge amended to reckless driving and 2) having the summary suspension vacated which allowed the client to not only avoid the in-car breathalyzer machine but also avoided the client's driver's license from being suspended for a year.

Successfully defended an attempt by the State's Attorney to forfeit the motor vehicle of a party charged with a DUI. The State tried to do this in spite of the fact the party was a first time DUI offender and had received Court Supervision. The vehicle was the only means for the client to travel to Chicago for her job. As a result of Mr. Doerr's outstanding efforts, the client was able to keep her car.

At trial, Mr. Doerr successfully defended 2 different drag racing charges by obtaining Not Guilty after bench trial. In these cases, convictions would have resulted in the revocation of the party's driver's license.

Client charged with Driving While License Suspended. Mr. Doerr negotiated a plea and avoided DWLS charge and no insurances; convictions or equipment charges only.

Client charges with Domestic Battery. States Attorney filed a motion to admit prior acts of domestic violence at trial. Attorney Doerr researched the issue and filed a response to deny the motion. Mr. Doerr was successful and the state's motion was denied. At trial the client was found NOT guilty on two (2) counts of domestic violence.

Client charged with Driving While License Suspended in Lake County. Attorney Doerr Negotiated a Settlement in which the DWLS was dismissed and client received court supervision for improper lane usage.

Criminal Traffic

50-year-old man charged with speeding, 83mph in 55mph zone. The client was charged with a Class B Misdemeanor facing a criminal conviction on his record. Mr. Doerr was able to negotiate the sentence to court supervision and a $500 fine. The gentlemen’s traffic record remained clean thanks to Mr. Doerr.

A client was charged with speeding more than 40mph over the speed limit and facing a Class A Misdemeanor conviction. The State’s Attorney wanted a conviction which would result in client’s license being suspended and would not reduce the charges. Mr. Doerr continued fighting for his client and set the case for trial. On the trial date, Mr. Doerr questioned the officer about the case, and by the end of Mr. Doerr’s questioning of the officer; the State realized they had no case anymore and DISMISSED THE CHARGES.


In this case, the clients had filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and after 5 years had completed the plan. When the clients attempted to re-finance their mortgage, they were informed that a creditor had filed a judicial lien against their home for a debt listed in their bankruptcy. The creditor had also received a partial payment of the debt in the bankruptcy. Mr. Doerr contacted the creditor and was able to obtain a release of the lien without going back into bankruptcy court to avoid the lien.

Creditor questioned charges within 90-120 days of filing Ch. 7. Attorney Doer contacted creditor and explained client's situation including medical and health situation. Creditor did not object to discharge or seek a reaffirmation. Client's debts were discharged.

Chapter 7 filing eliminated a large number of debts client was left with after a divorce.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed in 2005. During the plan client missed mortgage and trustee payments. Mr. Doerr was successful in negotiating these payments, preventing the case from being dismissed for lack of payment. Client's bankruptcy discharged in April 2010.

Reopened Case: Mr. Doerr has been able to reopen several bankruptcies that were dismissed, which would allow creditors to once again pursue the debtors. Reopening the cases allowed the debtors to obtain a discharge and the creditors prevented from taking action to collect the debts.

Reopened Case: Client had a small 2 cab taxi business and a residence the taxi business wasn't making enough money. A chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed in august of 2007. The assigned trustee believed the taxi business was an asset with equity which he could sell to pay off client's debts. The trustee started an examination of the client's business records and hired an attorney to represent the trustee client received a discharge on 12 /26/07, but the trustee continued his investigation. After several months, the trustee finally determined the client's taxi business was of no value, and issued a no asset report on 4/15/08, thereby saving client's business.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 – Clients at Risk of Losing Their Bankruptcy

A couple in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy came to Mr. Doerr when their Chapter 13 was about to be dismissed and their bankruptcy attorney had withdrawn from the case. Mr. Doerr came to his clients rescue, investigated the case and after determining the clients had a change of circumstances that had reduced their income, Mr. Doerr was able to reduce their plan payment by $1,100 for the remainder of their plan. This reduction allowed his clients to save their bankruptcy and continue on with their plan.

General Law

Client was sued for $40,000 by a co -owner of a parcel of real estate which was the client’s residence. The plaintiff was on the deed as a favor by the client to a friend. Mr. Doerr used his over 40 years of litigation experience to have the case dismissed arguing that any debt to the plaintiff had been discharged in client’s prior bankruptcy and arguing that there was no written evidence of any contract or debt. Mr. Doerr prevailed for his client and his client was able to walk away from the lawsuit without having to pay the other side anything.

Real Estate

Mr. Doerr’s client had previously purchased real estates at a foreclosure sheriff’s sale. Several years later the client sought to sell the property and had a buyer make an offer. A title search by Mr. Doerr revealed that the property was part of a homeowners association and the assessments had not been paid for several years. Mr. Doerr was able to negotiate a settlement for less than 50 % of the arrears so that the client could sell the property.

Foreclosure Client Accused of Using False Identification

In 2011 a client came to Mr. Doerr because his mortgage lender, Wells Fargo, was not accepting his mortgage payments and also accusing him of not making payments. He had been current since he had purchased the property in 1994. Wells Fargo finally filed a foreclosure law suit in 2013 accusing client of using false identification documents at the original closing in 1994. Mr. Doerr defended the foreclosure case. The case was settled very favorable for the client. The case was dismissed with prejudice. Client was reinstated from the date Wells Fargo refused payments, and Wells Fargo paid Mr. Doerr’s attorney’s fees for defending the case.

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