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Steve H. Mevorah: Case Successes

Personal Injury

Careful Negotiation Results in $375,000 Settlement

Steven H. Mevorah secured a settlement through careful negotiation for a minor plaintiff who sustained traumatic emotional injury while an in-patient at a hospital. Settlement was $375,000.

Leg Injury Case Settles for $300,000 through Mediation

Steven H. Mevorah settled a case through mediation for a client who sustained a serious leg injury requiring surgery with insertion of a large plate and screws due to an encounter with a dog. Case settled for $300,000.

Pre-Trial Conference Settles for $250,000

Steven H. Mevorah secured a settlement at a pre-trial conference in the amount of $250,000 for a minor who was riding a bicycle and was struck by an automobile. Minor plaintiff sustained serious injuries to a leg.

Settlement of $125,000 For Client in Slip And Fall Accident

Steven H. Mevorah obtains a settlement of $125,000 for a client who was injured in a slip and fall accident at his apartment complex due to negligent snow plowing that created a hazardous condition in which the plaintiff suffered a serious injury.

Settlement of $305,000 In Paint Ball Accident

Steven H. Mevorah through mediation obtained a settlement of $305,000 for a minor plaintiff who sustained an enucleated eye due to a paint ball accident.

Settlement of $100,000 Secured for Elderly Pedestrian

Steven H. Mevorah secured a settlement of $100,000 for an elderly pedestrian who was struck be a vehicle when he was crossing the street, and who sustained serious injury to his arm.

Trip and Fall Case Settles for $115,000

Steven H. Mevorah secured a settlement in the amount of $115,000 through mediation for a client who sustained a serious wrist and arm injury due to a trip and fall in a cemetery.

Pedestrian Accident Case Settles for $100,000

Steven H. Mevorah secured a settlement in the amount of $100,000 for a client who was struck while a pedestrian as she was walking on the side of the road, client sustain a fracture to her leg and short term memory loss from concussion.

Mr. Mevorah Successfully Settled A Breach Of Contract Case For His Client Despite Damaging Evidence Against His Client

Mr. Mevorah sued a disability insurance carrier for his client who was owed disability payments but were never paid to the client. Even though the insurance company had video tapes of the plaintiff shoveling snow by shovel, Mr. Mevorah argued that despite the fact that his client was in pain he shoveled the snow because there was no one else to shovel snow and he could not afford to hire a professional to do the job. Mr. Mevorah obtained a $260,000 settlement for the client for back disability payments which were owed to him.

Slip And Fall On Ice Due To An Unnatural Accumulation Of Snow And Ice

Mr. Mevorah's client sustained a fractured right arm which required two surgeries to repair as a result of slipping on an unnatural accumulation of ice on the sidewalk. Mr. Mevorah filed suit against the condominium association and negotiated a settlement at pre-trial in the amount of $l60,000.00.

Elderly Woman Rear-Ended

76 year old woman was rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle sustaining a back injury which resulted in a lumbar laminectomy. Mr. Mevorah filed suit and obtained a settlement of $l05,000.00

Left-Hand Turn Causes Man To Sustain Multiple Injuries

Mr. Mevorah successfully settled a case for a client involved in an accident caused by a driver who made left hand turn in front of Mr. Mevorah's client's vehicle. Client sustained multiple injuries to his head, chest abdomen, arms, and back resulting in disc herniation and eventual back surgery. Through careful analysis and negotiation Mr. Mevorah obtained a settlement of $200,000.00 for his client.

Left Hand Turn - Intersection Accident - Young Woman Sustained Ankle Injury

Mr. Mevorah represented a young woman who sustained a significant ankle injury with resulting surgery - a lawsuit was filed, and the case was settled at a pre-trial conference for $l75,000.00.

Mr. Mevorah & Client Stick to Their Guns to Obtain Maximum Settlement

Plaintiff was a passenger in her own vehicle, vehicles entered the intersection at approximately the same time collision resulted. Mr. Mevorah filed suit against both drivers. Mr. Mevorah's client sustained significant injury including a broken pelvis. Defendants had combined policy limits of $200,000 and both Mr. Mevorah and the client felt the case was worth more than the $200,000. The insurance companies offered $190,000.00 and the clients upon Mr. Mevorah's advice stuck to their guns and the case ultimately settled for the entire policy limits of both drivers totaling $200,000.00.

Mr. Mevorah Does Investigation and Obtains a Larger Settlement

A motorcyclist was struck by a woman making a left hand turn. Client sustained serious injuries. Despite the fact that the driver's insurance company offered the total amount of their policy of insurance of $25,000.0, Attorney Mevorah did not accept that, did an asset search of the defendant and found she owned a home. Attorney Mevorah obtained an additional $140,000.00 from the defendant directly in addition to their insurance policy of $25,000 for a total settlement of $165,000.00.

Defective Chainsaw Causes Serious Fall And Injuries

Mr. Mevorah's client went to the home of the defendant to assist in trimming tree limbs. Mr. Mevorah's client was handed a saw and went up on a ladder; however, the client was not advised by the Defendant that there was no on/off switch on the saw. When the Defendant plugged in the saw, the saw turned on, Mr. Mevorah's client was startled, causing the client to fall approximately l0 feet to the ground sustaining a fractured ankle with resulting surgeries. After filing suit, and conducting discovery the case was ultimately settled for $l50,000.00 for his client.

Pedestrian Crosses Street With Minor Son - Struck By Driver

A pedestrian crossing the street with her minor son, was struck by a driver making a right turn, sustained ankle injury, settled for policy limits of $100.000.00.

Driver Makes Left Hand Turn And Pushes Client Up Onto A Curb

A driver made a Left turn accident causing the Mr. Mevorah's client's vehicle to be pushed up onto a curb - exacerbation of a pre-existing back issues including cervical fusion - settled for policy limits of $50,000 from the adverse driver and $50,000 from Mr. Mevorah's client's underinsured policy of insurance for a total settlement of $100,000.00.

Mr. Mevorah Settles Case for Client with “Fragile Back” - $92,398.00

The Defendant attempted to change lanes, striking Mr. Mevorah's client's vehicle causing the client's vehicle to leave his lane of travel, strike the curb and a telephone box. Mr.Mevorah's client sustained immediate injuries to include back and shoulder. Despite the fact Mr. Mevorah's client had a pre-existing back surgery while in the U.S. Navy and had a "fragile back", Mr. Mevorah filed suit and obtained a settlement for his client in the amount of $92,398.00.

Motorcycle - Low Speed Collision

Mr. Mevorah's client, a motorcyclist, was stopped in traffic for a red light, and was rear-ended by an SUV at a low speed, causing the Mr. Mevorah's client to be knocked from the motorcycle and sustain a disc herniation. Despite the fact that Mr. Mevorah's client had a "fragile back," Mr. Mevorah obtained a settlement of $80,000.00 for his client.

Pedestrian - Hit By Pick Up Truck

Mr. Mevorah working with another attorney negotiated an out of court settlement for injuries sustained by the client who was a pedestrian, and who sustained multiple injuries when he was struck by a pickup truck with a snow plow attachment, reaching a settlement in excess of $700,000.00.

Ford Motors Pays $1.5 Million For Death Caused By Slow Deploying Airbag

Mr. Mevorah with another attorney filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company, and obtained an out of court settlement of $l.5 million for client's family. A 48 year woman was killed instantly when traveling in her own vehicle and was involved in a low speed collision, the air bag deployed and broke the client's neck. The theory developed was that the air bag deployed too slowly, based upon evidence obtained from the "black box" or on board computer in the vehicle.

Soft Tissue Cases

Steven H. Mevorah has settled a countless number of cases for smaller soft tissue injuries obtaining the best possible settlements for his client through careful negotiation.

Family Law

Modification For Custody Goes Well For The Father

The Mother of a ten (10) year old child filed a petition to remove the child from the Will County area to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Father hired Steven H. Mevorah to resist the move, and to file a Counter-Petition for Custody. After a six (6) week trial, it was proven that the Mother's new Husband was teaching the children to be racist. Steven H. Mevorah was successful in stopping the move to Louisiana, and was also successful in transferring custody from the Mother to the Father.

Steven h. Mevorah Handles a Case of International Intrigue

Father hired Steven H. Mevorah to file a divorce from his wife and to seek an Order of Protection not allowing the Wife to take the parties' eight (8) month old daughter to the Wife's native country, India, because he feared that he would never see the child again. Unbeknownst to the Father and to Steven H. Mevorah as they were successfully obtaining the Order of Protection from the Court, the Wife was at the airport waiting to board a plane headed for India with the parties' eight (8) month old child. With multiple telephone calls made by the Father and Steven H. Mevorah, and with the help of the FBI, State Department, German Government, and the West Chicago Police Department, during the stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, on the way to India, the Wife was ordered to return the child to the Chicago area, which she did; and the Father is now seeing his child on a regular basis.

Stellar Defense by Steven H. Mevorah against an Order of Protection

The Husband hired Steven H. Mevorah to defend him on an Order of Protection where he was accused of violence by the Wife. Despite the fact that the Wife not only testified against the Husband, but she had an eye witness testifying on her behalf as well. Steven H. Mevorah was successful in pointing out substantial inconsistencies in the Wife's testimony and that of her eye witness that she brought to Court, the Court did not believe the Wife or her eye witness, and the Order of Protection was dismissed.

Computer Evidence Comes Back to Haunt the Husband

Steven H. Mevorah represented the Wife in a contested divorce. The Husband listed his assets on a Court Ordered document that was required by the Court. However, the Husband hid on the family computer many additional assets including mutual funds in many other countries that he did not disclose on the Court Ordered documents, which the Wife subsequently found. When the Husband was confronted with these hidden assets at the hearing, he admitted he lied about his hidden assets. The case eventually settled with the Husband not only accounting for the hidden assets, but paying the Wife's entire attorney's fees as a result of Steven H. Mevorah and the Wife uncovering the Husband's deception.

Steven H. Mevorah Utilizes an Unconventional Legal Theory

Steven H. Mevorah represented a Wife in a contested divorce where there was domestic violence against the Wife. Steven H. Mevorah used a novel legal theory, by filing a separate lawsuit against the Husband for battery, and once the battery case was filed, the divorce case quickly settled after that.

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